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T'AI CHI MAGAZINE February 1992

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February 1992 - Table of Contents

Vol. 16, No. 1
February 1992

Principles & Characteristics of Wudang T’ai Chi Ch’uan
Liu Yuzheng, an expert in China, writes about an unusual T’ai Chi Ch’uan style, including its features, movements and techniques. Basic principles from the classics are discussed.

Using Jin in Forms and Push Hands
Mike Sigman discusses the importance or jing, or internal strength, in practicing form and push hands

How Do You Decide If You Should Teach
Michael Babin gives insight into deciding when a person can decide if he is ready to teach.

An Ancient Method of Qigong May Help You Reach Higher Levels of Calm and Energy
Lao Cen, writing from Beijing, China, reports on an ancient qigong method that involves breath-hearing.

Training in Chen Hsin’s Tradition
Daniel Blacklock reports on the subtle teaching methods of Chen Hsin, which he learned through his own teacher, Chen Peishan.

A Successful Experiment with T’ai Chi as Therapy
Stanton E. Alleyne tells about his experiences teaching T’ai Chi to older people and to people with schizophrenia.

Seeking the Straight In The Curved
Eo Omwake explores the possible meanings for an important principle in the T’ai Chi classics.

I Niang Sing T’ai Chi Ch’uan
Dan Simonov writes from St. Petersburg, Russia, about a T’ai Chi style he learned.

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