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August 1994 - Table of Contents

Vol. 18, No 4
August 1994

Dan Lee on a Pragmatic Approach to Tai Chi
Dan Lee, who has practiced martial arts since he was 10, discusses his approach to learning and practicing Tai Chi. Lee, who was one of Bruce Lee’s students, talks about some f the practical aspects of Tai Chi for martial arts and for health.

Opening and Closing the Thoracic Hinge
J. Justin Meehan of St. Louis describes an important but little known internal aspect of Tai Chi Chuan--use of the Thoracic Hinge. Use of this technique is important for the martial aspect of Tai Chi as well as for health. This is important material for Tai Chi students.

Exercise of Taiji Internal Kung-Fu
Feng Zhiqiang, one of China’s leading Chen stylists, teaches a set of qigong exercises intended to be good for health and to develop Tai Chi Chuan (Taijiquan) skills.

A History of the Yang Style Taijiquan
Ted W. Knecht has compiled a history of the Yang style from documents from Fu Zhang Wen and Dr. Mei Ying Sheng. The article gives some new insights into the style and its founder.

An Overview of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Martin Eisen provided answers to some common questions about the theory, scope and effectiveness of Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments.

A Taste of China Tournament Winners and Photos
Michael Gilman of Port Townsend, WA, and Adrianne Wheeler of West Orange, NJ, were the grand champions.

Photos from Tai Chi Farm Festival

Sophia Delza on the Alert Mind Principle in Tai Chi
Sophia Delza, a pioneer Tai Chi Chuan teacher in the U.S., writes about the importance of an alert mind when practicing and how the form structure and dynamics help create that alertness.

Qigong: An Exercise of Jing, Qi and Shen
Lao Cen writes from Beijing, China, about essentials for understanding and practicing qigong exercises.

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