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June 1994 - Table of Contents

Vol. 18, No. 3
June 1994

6 Key Qualities for Martial Achievement
Qin Zhong Bao discusses major aspects of developing skill and power to achieve a high level of martial art accomplishment. In an interview with TAI CHI, Qin talks about 6 important qualities and ways to develop power and speed.

Insight into Yang Style by Fu Zhong Wen
Fu Zhong Wen, 86-year-old nephew of Yang Cheng-fu, shares some of his insights from his association with his uncle and his own decades of practice. He talks about stages of develop and important areas to pay attention to.

An Analysis of Yang Style’s Beginning Movement
Weibin Yang presents a translation of an article by Wang Xianggen that analyzes the opening movement of the Yang style from the standpoint of physics and self-defense. There is a historical perspective as well as a story about Yang Lu-Ch’an.

Pumping The Kua
J. Justin Meehan writes about an important technique for form practice and self-defense and how to use it. he tells of the way it functions to help root the body, provide additional power and improve hip and torso range of motion.

Excerpt from Ch’en Kung’s Famous Book (Part 2)
In this second excerpt from a translation for Sophia Delza by Hubert Wang, useful information is given about breathing, the 13 forms, the sequence and waist and leg techniques. It helps give a historical perspective and the views of an important Chinese commentator on Tai Chi Chuan.

Da Lu Without a Partner
Rachel Porter reports on an interview with Dong Zeng about four important, basic movements and a method of performing them solo to develop qi and skill.

Health Benefits of Taiji Cat Walk
Ted W. Knecht translates an article by Dr. Mei Ying Sheng about the health benefits of the cat walk procedure, a training device Dr. Mei uses for teaching the Yang style in China.

Pouring Down Qi from Overhead
Lao Cen writes from Beijing, China, about a popular qigong exercise in China that is regarded as a way to improve mental power and increase energy.

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