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T'AI CHI MAGAZINE February 1994

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February 1994 - Table of Contents

Vol. 18, No. 1
February 1994

Ye Xiao Long on Internal Power
Ye Xiao Long, a high-level martial artist, talks about the role of flexibility in developing power.

Advancing Without Sitting Back in Yang Style
Dr. Mei Ying Sheng writes about different dynamics that have developed in the Yang style and the reason for the traditional method.

Understanding Energy Skills of Tai Chi
Eo Omwake analyzes and explains the different kinds of energies in Tai Chi and how they are applied.

Techniques of the Chen Family Spear
Herb Rich writes about his study of the Chen Family Spear in the Chen family village last year and the techniques of the weapon.

Form and Transition on Tai Chi Structure
Sophia Delza, a pioneer Tai Chi Chuan teacher in the U.S., writes about the subtleties of form and transition in form practice and how the two work together.

A Five-Point Pattern of Footwork for Flexible Self-Defense
David Douma, an experienced martial artist, writes about Tai Chi footwork and proposes a flexible system

Ma Litang’s Walking Exercises
Lao Cen presents the walking exercises developed by Ma Litang, a famous martial artist and qigong expert

A Story that Hangs By a Thread
Dr. Mei Ying Sheng writes about an episode in which Yang Cheng-fu’s skill and reputation hung by a thread

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