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T'AI CHI MAGAZINE December 1995

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December 1995 - Table of Contents

Vol. 19, No. 6
December 1995

Dr. Paul Lam Discusses Health benefits and Internal Training
As a medical doctor and Tai Chi practitioner, he is in an unique position to evaluate Tai Chi Chuan from a health aspect and also to understand the body’s internal process.

Xie Bing Can on the 8 Power Strokes and 5 Steps of Tai Chi
He presents an interpretation of basic techniques of Tai Chi Chuan and gives valuable insights on their use along with some classic writings.

Cheng Liang-Qing on Chen Style
He discusses some important characteristics of the Chen style and differences between the fist and second routine and how energy is used in them.

Three Levels of Tai Chi Jing Training
Chun Man Sit takes a look at one of the most important aspects of Tai Chi, the development of internal strength that still preserves softness. He also discusses ways to develop it so that there is a balance of hardness and softness.

Tai Chi And Longevity
Dr. Mei Ying Sheng writes about how practitioners in China live long and healthy lives because of their practice of Tai Chi Chuan.

A Youthful Competitor Talks About His recent Experience Competing
Though only 22, Van Horn Hom has a mature outlook toward Tai Chi tournament competition and did well at two recent tournaments. He is interviewed about his experience.

The Problems of Learning and Teaching Martial Arts
Tu-Ky Lam, not related to Dr Paul Lam, writes about some of the problems a student can face learning. He makes some suggestions for instructors.

18-Form Taiji Qigong Exercise
Take a look at this set of exercises that have the gentle movements characteristics of Tai Chi Chuan. It is said to be good for relieving many ailments.

A Special Kind of “Famous” Teacher”
Roger De Gaetano writes about his experience with a teacher who was a ming shi and how it influenced him.

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