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T'AI CHI MAGAZINE October 1995

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October 1995 - Table of Contents

Vol. 19, No. 5
October 1995

Yang Zhenduo shares Insights About the growth of Yang style
As the leading spokesman for the Yang style, he discusses Yang style in the context of modern society as well as the importance of implementing basic principles in daily practice. 

Feng Zhiqiang’s Chansi Gong Exercises
He presents some of the internal exercises that promote health and internal energy. Feng is one of the top Chen style experts in China.

An Analysis of Yang Style Single Whip
Dr. Mei Ying Sheng discusses some of th dynamics, including its application, for this most widely practiced posture that is used in all Tai Chi Chuan styles.

The Transformation of Energy When Using Tai Chi for Self-Defense
R. J. Mendel discusses some important tactical considerations in Tai Chi self-defense and suggests ways and techniques to develop skills.

An Excerpt from The Gold Book on Push Hands
Douglas Woolidge translates a chapter on push hands from a Wu style book.

Using Tai Chi for Health in the Workplace
Daniel Feldman tells about his experience in  major software company helping people to reduce physical and mental stress using Tai Chi postures and concepts.

An Exploration of Yin and Yang Consciousness.
Eo Omwake writes about the subtleties of Yin and Yang energies and how they manifest.

An Unique Qigong Hospital in China
Luke Chan writes about an hospital in China that dedicates itself to healing people with qigong and training people to be healers. Chan spent time training there this year and was very impressed. 

The Origins of Qigong
Lao Cen writes about the origin of qigong in an effort to make clear that it is not a superstition nor a religious exercise.

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