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T'AI CHI MAGAZINE October 1989

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October 1989 - Table of Contents


Vol. 13, No. 5
October 1989

Chen Pan-ling's Tai Chi Chuan
In an interview, Huang Chien-Liang discusses Chen Pan-ling's Tai Chi Chuan, which is relatively little known in the West. It was created by a famous martial artist and has many interesting features.

Qualities Inherent in Tai Chi Chuan
Sophia Delza, a leading teacher for many years, writes about three important qualities inherent in Tai Chi Chuan – Form, Grace and Stability.

Training with a Ball Improve Skills
Thomas Staples and Alan Ludmer write about their experience using a ball to improve students' understanding and use of basic principles.

Tournaments Are More Than Winning or Losing
Gregory Fong, who competes often and successfully in tournaments, discusses some of his ideas about what they can offer and who should compete.

Sidney Austin recovers from Brain Tumor
Tai Chi Chuan helped Sidney Austin make a remarkable recovery from a brain tumor.

A Subtle Energy Release System
Erle Montaigue writes about some of the subtle uses of movement to develop fully Yin and Yang energies.

Change Creates a Human Balancing Act
Michael Babin explores some of the realities of Tai Chi Chuan and the important role of balance and change.

Yoda Is Alive and Well in Central Pennsylvania
Nanna Bolling writes about her introduction to Tai Chi Chuan.

Internals and Externals of a Human Life
An excerpt from “The Story of Two Kingdoms,” by Taoist Master Ni Hua Ching.


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