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August 1995 - Table of Contents

Vol. 19, No. 4
August 1995

Ling Zhi-an Discusses Eight essential Characteristics of the Chen Style
Ling Zhi-an of Nanjing, China, visited the U.S. last winter and he talked about important characteristics that are special to the Chen style and also are common to all Tai Chi Chuan styles. He shares some valuable insights and memories.

William Ting Writes About Correct Training And Mistakes to Avoid
Ting Kuo-Piao (William Ting) has broad experience in martial arts in China and he talks about the correct way to practice and some of the mistakes people make that detour their development.

Don Miller on Creative Push Hands Training Techniques
Don Ethan Miller is a veteran push hands competitor and teacher with a creative approach to developing basic and advanced push hands skills. He gives some training techniques that you can practice to increase your skills.

Chen Style Self-Defense Training
Dr. Paul Lam, a gold medal winner in China, and Peter Wu, a specialist in Chen style self-defense skills, discuss aspects training, particularly creating self-defense capabilities. Both men live in Australia.

Potentials of Multimedia Tai Chi
Martin Mellish provides useful suggestions for developing multimedia programs for Tai Chi instruction. He gives a sample of how it might be done.

Yang Style Push Hands Training
Ted W. Knecht, a nationally ranked competitor, discusses methods of training and includes material he mastered from a master in China who studied with Yang Cheng-fu.

Qigong Massage for Combating Disease
A self-massage routine for bolstering fitness and health based on ancient Chinese therapies is described.

Photos from Tai Chi Farm and A Taste of China

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