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T'AI CHI MAGAZINE December 1996

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December 1996 - Table of Contents

Vol. 20, No. 6
December 1996

Yang Zhenduo on Unifying the Body’s Internal Energy
The top Yang stylist cautions that focusing on relaxation as a goal instead of part of the process can cause many players to lose out on many other benefits.

Ma Hong Discusses Form as the Foundation of Tai Chi Practice
Tu-Ky Lam of Wellington, New Zealand, translates from the work of highly regarded Ma Hong, who has researched the Chen style for many years. Ma feels that only through intensive practice of the form can self-defense and health benefits be realized.

Mental Discipline in Tai Chi Practice
Xie Bing Can, a highly regarded practitioner from Shanghai who now teaches in Bellevue, WA, writes about important factors in the use of the mind to improve practice
And buttress his ideas with excerpts from the Tai Chi classics, some of which are not widely available in England.

Wu Style Tai Chi Of Wu Yu-xiang
Veteran Beijing journalist Zhou Lishang writes about the history and principles of the Wu style of Wu Yu-xiang. It sheds some new light on related principles.

Can You Apply Tai Chi Chuan without Going Ballistic?
Mason Smith writes about levels of Engagement” and how they can be employed with Tai Chi for self-defense and daily life.

How to Teach Tai Chi To Children
Barbara Mosley tells about her successful program in New Jersey to teach children after school. She does it within the same context as a regular class but with some new ideas.

Applying Scientific Methods to Training
Guo An Feng, a San Francisco practitioner who studied with Fu Zhongwen, tells about his scientific approach which involves testing to verify internal strength.

Medieval Warfare and Tai Chi Chuan
Aristotle Hadjiantoniou writes about how the invention of the stirrup relates to Tai Chi body mechanics.

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