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T'AI CHI MAGAZINE October 1997

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October 1997 - Table of Contents

Vol. 21, No. 5
October 1997

Keys to Successful Chen Style Practice
Chen Zheng Lei, one of China’s top Chen stylists, talks about the ways in which practitioners can raise the level of their practice. He explains some of the key principles of practice for students of all styles and methods of practice.

How to Develop Explosive Power in Tai Chi
Guo-An feng discusses how power is developed out of softness and how it works in applications. He talks about internal energies and the part they play.

The Life of the Famous Chen Zhaokui
Cheng Liang Qing tells about the life of one of China’s top Chen stylists of this century and about his own experiences with him as a student and friend.

How the Principle of Open and Close Works
Yue Xian writes about the important but confusing principle and techniques of open and close, how it works during Tai Chi practice and its significance.

The Virtues of Tai Chi Chuan
Doug Woolidge of Canada translates the first chapter of a book that discusses some important benefits and principles of Tai Chi Chuan.

The Power of Rooting
Dr. David Dai of Canada writes about the way that structure and energy function to create strong rooting technique.

Wu Style sword
Chun Man Sit tells about the history and form applications of Wu style sword. He describes techniques and important points of practice.

The Importance of Abdominal breathing
Tu-Ky Lam of New Zealand writes about the importance of abdominal breathing and dantian function.

The Value of Push Hands
Lynne Kemler writes about the benefits of push hands and her experience with it. She encourages everyone to experience its benefits.

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