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June 1997 - Table of Contents

Vol. 21, No. 3
June 1997

Push Hands and Combat Skills
Peter Wu of Melbourne, Australia, discusses the martial aspects of push hands and how to use various techniques.

Assembling The Three Dantian.
Zhang Luping discusses the three key dantian energy centers in the body and the process of uniting and using them.

How to Improve Qi and Internal Force
Tu-key Lam writes about how to develop and circulate the qi. He describes the routes in which the qi circulates and its effects for health and self-defense.

A Feminine Perspective on Push Hands.
Linda Lehrhaupt, Ph.D., discusses conflicting values than can turn women away from push hands. She suggests some changes that she thinks will encourage women to participate.

Wu Style Masters on the Essence of Tai Chi.
Douglas Woolidge translates a chapter from a book by Wu style masters in which they discuss some key points of practice.

Hand Movements of T’ai Chi Ch’uan.
Yue Xian of Beijing discusses the proper use of hand movements in various styles of Tai Chi.

Chen Style’s Chin Na and Silk Reeling.
Robert J. Mendel, in an interview with Keven Keresey, reports on the martial aspects of the Chen style and the importance of both chin na and silk reeling energy skills.

How to Use the Principles of Tai Chi.
Eo Omwake writes about the importance of the basic principles of T’ai Chi and how to understand and use them. He traces them back to their philosophic roots.

A Tai Chi Diary.
Arthur G. Slade tells about his experience as a student. A lot of people will be able to recognize similar experiences.

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