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August 1998 - Table of Contents

Vol. 22, No. 4
August 1998

Zibin Guo on T’ai Chi As a Way of Life
Trained in China as a martial artist, Zibin Guo tells about how the culture of T’ai Chi in China affects behavior in a positive way. He also discusses principles and methods of training.

Tu-Ky lam on Strength  Training in T’ai Chi
Tu-Ky Lam describes how strength training can help improve internal strength and T’ai Chi performance. He shows some methods to achieve this.

Jiang Jian-ye on How to Absorb Healthy Energy from Trees
Jiang Jian-ye tells about the popular Chinese practice of doing exercises with trees to gain their beneficial energy. He shows a number of exercises to do this.

Rick Barrett on Working With Consciousness to Improve Push Hands
Rick Barrett of New York City describes the importance of consciousness in push hands and tells how to improve it to increase push hands skills.

Alan Ludmer on Understanding Tai Chi Principles
Alan Ludmer discusses some important Tai Chi principles and how they are implemented.

How to Apply T’ai Chi in A Business Enterprise
Mark Shaw of the United Kingdom tells how he uses T’ai Chi to increase energy and improve efficiency at his graphic design company.

Stephen Hwa on Internal Physical Dynamics
A longtime Wu stylist, Hwa describes physical dynamics of T’ai Chi movements with Marie Koepsell.

Initiation into Sword
Peter Kindfield of Neshanic Station, NJ, tells about his initiation in the intricacies of T’ai Chi Sword.

Are You Really Awake?
John Barrett of Somerville, MA, writes about using martial arts to improve overall practice.

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