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June 1998 - Table of Contents

Vol. 22, No. 3
June 1998

Jason Tsou on the Power of the Circle
Veteran martial arts teacher Jason Tsou gives insights about Tai Chi, Bagua and other martial arts and how they use important principles. He describes the importance of the principle of the circle and its use.

The Life and Skill Of Hong Jun-Sheng (Part 2)
Peter Wu of Melbourne, Australia, who studied with the late Chen stylist Hong Jun-Sheng, describes his high level of skill and what Hong was like as a person. The first installment of this interesting article appeared in the last issue.

Zhang Luping: Master of Internal Skills
Zhang Luping died April 5 at age 53. His son and students share personal and heart-felt experiences with him and tell of the depth and breadth of his skills and teaching.

Ma Yueh-Liang’s Last Push Hands Performance
Dr. Wen Zee shares his 50 years of experience with Ma Yueh-Liang, and gives a graphic description of his push hands abilities. Includes photos of Ma’s last public push hands performance.

T’ai Chi Sword: The Feather’s Edge
Ted Mancuso writes on sword training, its distinctive aspects, and how it helps focus one’s study in Tai Chi. He also provides information about how to develop skill.

Expressing the Animal Quality of Tai Chi
Eo Omwake shows how T’ai Chi practice can be enriched by incorporating animal-like vigor and animation in movements.

Confessions of a Tai Chi Housewife
Sue Cook shares her experiences of overcoming a poor self-image to learn T’ai Chi and fully accept her teacher’s training.

The Role of Intuition
Alain Livet of Geneva, Switzerland, writes on the importance of valuing and maintaining intuition, in the martial arts and in life.

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