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June 2007 - Table of Contents

Vol. 31, No. 3
June 2007

Taiji Gong and Empty Force—Part 2
Alex Yeo of Singapore interviews Sim Pooh Ho, a disciple of the famous Wu Tunan, about methods of Taiji Gong. He also discusses self-defense, in this second of three parts.

The Yang Style of Cui Zhongsan and Cui Shiyi
Zhou Lishang o Beijing interviews Cui Zhongshan about his famous grandfather and about his own teachings in this first of two parts. Cui Shiyi studied with Yang Chengfu.

Yang Zhenji Dies
The second son of Yang Chengfu, Yang Zhenji, died March 27. He was 86. During his lifetime he was a leading proponent of the Yang style.

In Memory of Huang Jinghua
In this article Qu Shi Jing writes about his teacher Huang Jinghua who was close to Yang Chengfu. The article was compiled by Key Sun, Ph.D., and LeRoy Clark from Qu’s writings.

On Learning to Relax
Nando Raynolds of Talent, OR, writes about various ways to approach relaxation while doing Tai Chi and in daily life. He gives some specific methods.

How Tai Chi Helps with Parkinson’s Disease
Daniel Loney of Jerusalem, Israel, writes about how Tai Chi helps him deal with the symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease.

No Force Against Force
Eo Omwake of Oxford, PA, discusses the key principle of not using force against force in Tai Chi.

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