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T'AI CHI MAGAZINE December 2000

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December 2000 - Table of Contents

Vol. 24, No. 6


Liang Qiang Ya On Yin/Yang Changes
A student of the famous Fu Zhen Song, Liang Qiang Ya discusses the methods of training, particularly Yin/Yang changes, internal development, and chan ssu jin that are useful for all styles.


Feng Zhiqiang’s Hun Yuan T’ai Chi
J. Justin Meehan, who has known Feng Zhiqiang for over 20 years, writes about Feng’s Chen system and how he has developed it.


The Essence of Wu/Hao T’ai Chi
Hao Yin-ru discusses internal aspects of Wu style used for self-defense and health in an article translated by Kyoshi Sasaki. It includes information from the writings of Hao Shao-ru.


T’ai Chi San Shou Training methods
Chun Man Sit writes about what san shou is in Tai Chi Chuan and presents some techniques to practice, either solo or with a partner.


How to Practice Silk Reeling Exercises
Zhang Fuxing, an 80-year-old Yang stylist, writes about Silk Reeling Exercises (Chan Ssu Jin) as the soul of Tai Chi Chuan. He offers a chart to use for practice and methods of practice.


How to Use Small and Medium Circle in Push Hands
Andy Wong writes about the value of medium and small circles and how the small and medium circles can benefit push hands practice.


A Convergence of Top Chen Stylists
C. P. Ong tells about a fortuitous meeting of Chen Xiaowang, Chen Zheng Lei, and Zhu Tian Cai in Washington, D.C. He discusses their similarities and differences.

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