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T'AI CHI MAGAZINE October 2000

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October 2000 - Table of Contents

Vol. 24, No. 5

Wang Xian on 3 Levels Of Development
The famous Chen stylist discusses the path practitioner’s follow in trying to improve their self-defense skills and health. He emphasizes nurturing yi, intent, and qi.

Yang Fukui tells About Traditional Training Methods in Yang Style
A lineage successor to the Yang style, he is interviewed by Bob Feldman, who writes about the training of Yang’s father and grandfather and their methods.

Gerald A. Sharp Writes About How Softness Overcomes Strength
Based on his own study and an interview with Zhou Zhan Fang, he discusses internal aspects of Wu style used for self-defense.

Xiao J. Li Discusses Traditions of Sword Play
The sword principles and practice are discussed in terms of the T’ai Chi symbol.

Chen Xin’s 36 Push Hands Sicknesses
Chen Xin is a famous Chen style author. His manuscript discusses many mistakes that push hands players make.

Cedric Power Explores Qualities of Qi
He writes about what he has experiences with qi and the research that has been done.

Tai Chi Helps Basketball Players
An experiment at Winona State University used T’ai Chi Ch’uan to improve the skills of a basketball team.

Ting Kuo-Piao on Internal Practice
He explains these concepts in a very clear way and suggests how to actualize them.

Dr. Paul Lam on Internal Practice
He writes about why T’ai Chi is internal and ways to improve your internal practice.

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