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August 2000 - Table of Contents

Wang Hao Da discusses 14 Replacements
The Wu stylist, who studied with the late Ma Yueh-liang, tells how to make internal adjustments for form practice and push hands.

Internal Principles of Zhaobao style Tai Chi Chuan
Wang Haizhou, a leading official of the Zhaobao style, discusses methods and internal aspects of this style, which is growing in popularity in China.

Mark Peters on Body Mechanics of Tai Chi
Mark Peters feels the underlying foundation for Tai Chi is its finely tuned system of body mechamics. He explains how the system works.

Richard Ingate Asks, “What Really is Tai Chi Chuan?”
Richard Ingate, who lives in Malaysia, analyzes what is and what is not real Tai Chi Chuan.

Xianhao Cheng Explains Peng Energy
Cheng discusses some of the finer points of Peng Jin and how it is used. Peng is one of the most important energies in T’ai Chi practice. It is often misunderstood.

Michael Gilman On Tai Chi Intention
Michael Gilman writes about the importance of intention and the part it plays in self-defense applications.

William Ting on Emptiness/Fullness
William Ting gives insights about the interaction of fullness and emptiness in Tai Chi Chuan.

Taiji Legacy 2000
Competition winners and photos of masters at Dallas, TX, event.

Harold H. Lee, Ph.D, on Condensed Forms
He discusses reasons for the many new forms that have been created.

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