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June 2000 - Table of Contents

Vol. 24, no 3



Feng Zhiqiang Tells About the Importance of Internal Work
In an interview with Yang Yang, Feng discusses the value of xiulian and gong and explains what these processes are and how to accomplish them.




The Two Circles of T’ai Chi Ch’uan
Joseph Chen of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, explains how the positive and negative circles are created in T’ai Chi Ch’uan. He is a student of Feng Zhiqiang and was also a student of Hong Junsheng.




Millennium Survey – Part 3
Some new and interesting views on the outlook for T’ai Chio are offered by Jim Criscimagna, Xiao J. Li, Frances Gander, Anthony (Tony) Wong, Harold H. Lee, Xue Nai-Yin, and Steve Higgins.



Little-Known Zhaobao Tai Chi Chuan
Zhou Lishang writes about the rare Zhaobao style of T’ai Chi Ch’uan, which originated at a small village near Chen family village.



Howard Choy Discusses How to Improve Your Practice
In an interview, Howard Choy discusses interesting aspects of practice and gives useful insights about problems that occur and how to deal with them.



Warner D. Conarton Has Met a Master
He introduces us to Master Wu Chi and tells us how we can best make use of Master Wu Chi as a daily resource.



David Cowen Writes About Xingyi Practice
He discusses standing postures that are useful for San Ti in Xing Yi Quan.




Ken Cohen Responds
He writes in response to Dr W. Zee’s comments about external qi healing.


A Cheng Man-Ch’ing Celebration






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