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April 2000 - Table of Contents

Vol. 24, No 2



Xue Nai Yin on Internal Energy and Wu Style
He discusses special characteristics of the Wu style founded by Wu Yu-Xiang and developing internal energy.



Millennium Survey – Part 2
Some new and interesting view on the outlook for T’ai Chi are offered by George Xu, Ken Cohen, Dr Tingsen Xu, Bill Walsh, Joseph Chen, John Bracy, and Chun Man Sit.



Yun Zhang on the 13 Postures of T’ai Chi
He explains carefully and clearly some of the key factors involved in the way the 13 original postures of T’ai Chi function.



Mark Wasson on T’ai Chi Principles
He discusses the value of continuing study of T’ai Chi principles and presents some of the ideas of his teachers from the Chen village.



Australia Military Trains Cadets with T’ai Chi
Miles Henderson writes from Australia about the successful use of Tai Chi Chuan to train cadets.



Dr. Wen Zee Discusses Emitting Qi Externally
He responds to Kenneth S. Cohen’s article and gives some insights based on interesting personal experiences in China.



Dr. Paul Lam on Reaching Higher Levels
He discusses some of the ways to reach higher levels and how to experience and develop peng energy.



Finding 3 Treasures
Vic Hackford writes about valuable insights for his practice that he obtained from a workshop.




Tai Chi with Your Eyes Closed
Alex Yeo writes about his useful experiences practicing with his eyes closed.

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