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T'AI CHI MAGAZINE February 2000

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February 2000 - Table of Contents

Vol 24, No. 1

Tai Chi 2000 Perspectives


This issue includes views of some key Tai Chi practitioners on the development of Tai Chi Chuan and its outlook for the next century. More will be in the following issues.




Calvin Chin
He believes the time has come to make Tai Chi accessible to all members of society. He feels that it will become the preferred mind-body exercise. He warns of some of the pitfalls from commercialism and underqualified teachers.



Zhang Fuxing
He thinks the main contribution of Tai Chi Chuan to society will be in the improvement of human health and the prolongation of human life. It should be taught as a fitness art rather than a fighting art.


Jimmy K. Wong
Tai Chi Chuan should be developed as a health-building exercise, but without losing the martial aspect or the classical theory of meditation, and not as a miraculous healing practice.



Dr. Paul Lam
Tai Chi is now entering the scientific area and, in time, research will support its health benefits.


Pat Rice
She feels we have entered into a new era of free and open exchange among many practitioners and teachers.


Tu-Ky Lam
He cites the growing sources of information about Tai Chi as a harbinger of its growth. He, too, is concerned about maintaining standards among instructors.



The following articles are also included in this issue:



An Analysis of Good Teaching Methods
Dr. Paul Lam discusses ways to deal with some of the difficulties in teaching Tai Chi Chuan and gives suggestions for improving methods.



Training Insights from the Chen Village
Mark Wasson writes about his trip to the Chen family village and gives interesting insights about training there with Chen Xiaoxing, brother of Chen Xiaowang.




Qigong is More than Meditation
Kenneth S. Cohen writes in response to Dr. Wen Zee’s article about qigong in the December issue. He agrees with Dr Zee on some points but disagrees on others, including the use of qigong for more than just meditation.



The Role of Continuous Movement
Ted Mancuso writes about physical, emotional, and mental benefits from the practice of Tai Chi Chuan.

A Look at the Tai Chi Hand
Michael Gilman describes the many different hand techniques in Tai Chi and describes how they are used.

Chen Kung on Tai Chi Principles
Douglas Woolidge translates a writing by Chen Kung on important T’ai Chi Ch’uan techniques that helps to give insight about T’ai Chi theory and how it is implemented.

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