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T'AI CHI MAGAZINE December 2001

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December 2001 - Table of Contents

Vol. 25, No. 6


Classics from the Archives of T’AI CHI Magazine
The following articles are selected from early issues of T'AI CHI Magazine during the 1980's.


An Interview with Gu Liuxin

Chen Xiaowang

Wang Peisheng

Yang Cheng-fu’s Early and Later Postures

Qigong Clarified

Fu Zhongwen

Yiu Kwong

Chen Village Thriving

Tu-Ky Lam on Chen Power Discharge
He discusses the value of fa-jin and how to do it effectively. In addition, he discusses developing the inner strength to do it effectively.

The Joy of Being Pushed Around
Ralph Johnson says there is positive value in being pushed around if it is controlled and allows you to learn how to adjust to it.

Aerobic Benefits Of Tai Chi
David Anderson writes about his study of how T’ai Chi practice can be effective aerobic exercise.

Tai Chi from the Ground Up
Mark Peters of the U.K. writes about the importance of working with gravity and about harnessing your connection to the ground.

Using a Ball to Learn Tai Chi
George Tarbay writes about a technique he has found to teach students to be aware of the Tai Chi energy ball.

On Being A Student
Barry Fishman provides models for being a good student at T’ai Chi.

Is There Magic In Tai Chi?
Warner D. Conarton writes about his magical experiences with T’ai Chi.

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