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T'AI CHI MAGAZINE October 2001

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October 2001 - Table of Contents

Vol. 25, No. 5

Feng Zhiqiang on Learning How to Train
One of the top Tai Chi Chuan practitioners in China, Feng Zhiqiang visited the U.S. in July and discussed key points of training and what to avoid. He also emphasized the importance of nurturing yourself. There is coverage of his seminars in San Francisco, Seattle and Champaign, IL.

Yang Style Correction
Statements are printed from Yang Zhenduo and Yang Jun and from Yang Fukui about whether Yang Fukui is a 6th generation member of the Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan.

Wang Peisheng Speaks about Important points of T’ai Chi Practice
Interviewed in Beijing, Wang Peisheng, a chief proponent of the Northern Wu style, gives advice to students about how to practice effectively.

A Memorial To Jou Tsung Hwa Is Unveiled
Loretta Donnelly writes about a memorial unveiled in Warwick, NY. It includes the gazebo shown at left.

David X. Swenson Finds Any Time Is a Good Time to Practice
He writes about the ways he uses daily life as practice time.

Don Ethan Miller Explores Aspects of Repulse Monkey
He writes about the structural, energy flow and mental aspects involved in maximizing this important movement.

Mark Wasson on Chen Style Competition
He discusses differences he saw in Chen style practice at Henan National Championships.

Tai Chi Rehabilitation Study in India
Dr. M. S. Menon, MD, writes about a study in India to use T’ai Chi Ch’uan to help with problems in chemical substance abuse.

Dr. Abdullah Moton on Using True Spirit
He discusses traditional martial arts training and the difficulty of maintaining that tradition in the world today. He emphasizes the importance of making training a part of daily life.

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