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August 2001 - Table of Contents

Vol. 25, No. 4

Jiang Jian-ye on Fa-jin Requirements
Trained in the martial arts from the age of five, Jiang Jian-ye discusses various aspects of Tai Chi based on his experience with many styles. He gives specific advice on the proper execution of fa-jin, explosive power.

Sun Jianyun Discusses Her Father’s Sun Style
Now 88, Sun Jianyun tells about the basic principles for performing Tai Chi in general and the Sun style in particular. Her father was the famous Sun Lu-tang.

Tai Chi Origins Revisited
Alex Yeo writes about his researches. Based in Singapore, he reviews existing documents in Chinese and English and gives some perspective on the various claims for authenticity.

A Personal Tai Chi Journey
Wendell Anderson writes about his off again, on again practice of T’ai Chi Ch’uan and gives some sound advice about how to approach practice.

The Teaching of Yang Shou-Zhong
Dr. Paul Lam of Sydney, Australia, writes about Yang Cheng-fu’s eldest son based on discussions with Dr. Lam’s father-in-law, who studied with Yang Shou-Zhong in Hong Kong.

Relaxing and Unifying Body Movement
Nando Raynolds discusses how the two principles of relaxation and moving the whole body as one unit can sometimes seem to be in opposition. He gives some advice and exercises to improve relaxation and integrate the whole body in movement.

Renewal Practices of Chinese Medicine
Sean Fannin, who practices classical Chinese medicine, writes about developing an internal support system using techniques that involve movement and stillness.

2001 Taiji Legacy Photos and Results

T’ai Chi and Muscular Pain
Devin J. Starlanyl writes about the need for T’ai Chi teachers to understand how to deal with students who have musculoskeletal pain.

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