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June 2001 - Table of Contents
Vol. 25, No. 3

Chen Fa-Ke, Part 3
The last installment in Peter Wu’s comprehensive article about the famous Chen Fa-Ke tells about how Chen developed his skill over the length of his life. It also explains more about his character and dedication.

Yang Style T’ai Chi Ball
Yang Fukui, a sixth generation Yang stylist, reveals information about the practice of Yang style T’ai Chi ball and demonstrates some techniques.

The Power of the Mind
Karel Koskuba of the U.K. writes about techniques involved in Zhan Zhuang and Yiquan to develop the power of the mind.

Calvin Chin on Softness and Power
He responds to questions about how practicing soft and slow can produce explosive power.

T’ai Chi’s Sixth Sense
Ted Mancuso and Dr. Craig Beuttler discuss the role of peng energy and the mind in using T’ai Chi for combat.

An Interesting Meeting Of Two Generations
Clyde Santana reports on the meeting of two practitioners in a New York City park, where they found friendship and a related T’ai Chi lineage.

Joint Self-Defense
Rick Barrett describes important basics of joints and connective tissue and how to use them with safety for health and self-defense.

Insights into Internal Energy
Howard Choy of Sydney, Australia, gives interesting insights into using internal energy and the nature of stylistic variations.

Rosanna Hsi on Wu Yan Hsia
She describes her experiences with the late Wu Yan Hsia, daughter of Wu Kung-Yi.

Finding a Spiritual Path
Steve Higgins of Canada writes about some of the ways to cultivate a spiritual practice in T’ai Chi.

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