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April 2001 - Table of Contents
Vol. 25, No. 2

Big Circle and Small Circle T’ai Chi
Lu Gui Rong of Shanghai discusses the internal aspects of Yang style and Wu/Hao style and their self-defense approaches.

The High Level Skills Of Chen Fa-Ke, Part 2
Peter Wu of Melbourne, Australia, a highly regarded Chen stylist, writes the second in a series of articles about Chen Fa-Ke, one of the most famous T’ai Chi Ch’uan practitioners in the last century.

Methods of Rotating The Dantian in Tai Chi
Chen stylist Mark Wasson discusses the complexities of rotating the dantian during T’ai Chi practice, including linking the dantian to the movements.

The Importance of Brush Knee Practice
Gerald A. Sharp, who studied with Ma Yueh-Liang, writes about subtleties of executing the Brush Knee posture in form and self-defense.

Four Important Skills For Push Hands and Fighting
Zhang Yun writes about the importance of Zhan, Nian, Lian and Sui, four basic internal trained forces used for self-defense in T’ai Chi.

Lessons Learned From A Taoist Master
Gene Killian studied with a number of important T’ai Chi experts, but his approach to T’ai Chi and life changed when he met a Taoist master.

Tai Chi and the Code Of Life
Graham Horwood of the U.K. writes about the importance of archetypes and how the I Ching and Tai Chi can be used to release transcendent energy.

The Warrior Teacher
Daniel L. Sayer writes about the need for teachers to broaden their approach so that it helps students with their life experiences, as well as for health and self-defense.

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