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April 2007 - Table of Contents
Vol. 31, No. 2

Taiji Gong and Empty Force
Alex Yeo of Singapore interviews Sim Pooh Ho, a disciple of the famous Wu Tunan, about the realities of empty force and the practice of Taiji Gong, the work that underlies all serious Taiji practice.

Working with the Taiji Energy Circle
Rose Oliver interviews Ren Gang of Shanghai, a student of Dong Bin, about the energies involved in Tai Chi form and push hands practice.

Learning to Interpret Energy
C. M. Havens of Brooklyn, NY, writes about his efforts to learn how to interpret energy and discusses his teacher’s skills and methods.

Harnessing Tai Chi’s Wave-like Energy
George Xu of San Francisco discusses the high level skills of Wang Zhuang Hong and how to achieve them.

Yi Jin Jing—Part 3
Zhou Lishang writes a third and final installment describing methods and techniques of these famous exercises.

Dr. Ping Siang Tao Dies
Gregory Knight writes about the life of Dr. Ping Siang Tao, famous for his soft style of push hands. Dr. Tao was a student of many famous masters, including Cheng Man-ch’ing. He taught in Taiwan, Seattle and Columbus, OH, in addition to workshops throughout the U.S. and Germany.

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