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T'AI CHI MAGAZINE December 1993

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December 1993 - Table of Contents

Marshall Ho’o, Innovative Teacher, Dies at 83
Marshall Ho’o promoted T’ai Chi as a martial art, health system and as a way of inner cultivation. He was a dean of T’ai Chi teachers.


Excerpts from an old Wu Style Book Translated for Sophia Delza
Ideas of the famous Wu Chien Chuan and Ma Yueh-Liang are given about basic principles of the Wu style.


Dr. Paul Lam, a gold medalist in China, takes a look at competing
Dr. Paul Lam, Sydney, Australia, won gold and silver medals last August in Beijing and has some fresh insights.


A Fresh Look at the Value of Relaxation
Elenor Snow, attended a workshop in Richland, WA, with George Xu, A Chen stylist, and gives insights into relaxation.


The Teachings of Huang Sheng-Shyan
Patrick Kelly, a longtime student of the famous Huang Sheng-Shyan writes about his experience with the late Huang


Ma Litang’s Standing Exercises
A famous martial artist and qigong expert, Ma Litang, created a set of standing exercises that are beneficial to health. This article shows how to do them.


Yang Style Turning Body Palm
Ted W. Knecht, who studied in China, shows how to do this Yang style training method which he calls indispensable to help execute many of the Yang style postures.

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