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T'AI CHI MAGAZINE October 1993

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October 1993 - Table of Contents

Building A strong Architecture for Tai Chi Practice
Henry Look discusses the relation of architecture to good Tai Chi practice based on his work as an architect and his martial arts practice.

Training Techniques for Chen Style Skills
An interview with Guang Yi Ren, who studied with Chen Xiaowang. He presents his approach to developing higher level skills by working with basics.

A Proposal for Tai Chi Sword Fencing
Ken Van Sickle, who studied with Cheng Man-ch’ing, advocates use of protective swords for fencing practice and tournament competitions.

Sidney Austin Remembered at Memorial Service
At a memorial for the late Sidney Austn, many martial artists and other friends remember the beneficial impact he had on their lives.

Ma Litang’s Sitting Exercises

A famous martial artist and qigong expert, Ma Litang created a set of sitting exercises that are beneficial to health. The article shows how to do them.

Application of the 13 Techniques and San Shou
Keven Hampton describes the basics of the Chang San-feng’s 13 techniques and elements of sanshou self-defenses practice.

A look at Drawings of Yang Chengfu
Wi Ta-yeh discusses why some drawings of Yang Cheng-fu’s postures vary from the photos of his postures.

Taiji Cat Walking Step
The cat walking exercise of the Yang style is described in this article as well as its benefits.

The ABC’s of Timing
Dr. Peter DeBlasio Jr. discusses elements of timing in practice.

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