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August 1993 - Table of Contents

Moving the Qi with the Mind to Creat Internal Power
Wang Peisheng, A Wu style expert from Beijing, gives details about moving the qi with the mind for health and self-defense. He has developed a unique approach to moving qi. 

The Nature of Qi and How It Can Be Realistically Used
James Sun, interviewed by Rick Riodan, talks about the nature of qi. Sun is an expert at both hard style and soft style martial arts.

Ch’I Kung as Taught by Wang Shu-chin
Manfred Rottmann writes about the ch’I kung (qigong) skills and techniques of a famous teacher. Rottmann also gives a first hand account of his experiences with Wang.

Yang Style Rear Foot Angle
Wu Ta-yeh discusses the rear foot angle for the Yang style and several approaches to it.

Should Women Learn Tai Chi?
Tia Greenfield reports on some of the advantages and problems women encounter in learning Tai Chi Chuan. Talks to teachers and students and gets their views.

A Taste of China Tournament Photos

Tai Chi Farm Photos

Ma Litang’s Qigong Exercises in the Lying Position

Yang Style Wuji Qigong
Ted W. Knecht describes this method of regulating the Zhen (Real) qi. 

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