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June 1993 - Table of Contents


June 1993, Vol. 17, No. 3

Table Of Contents

Causes of Knee Pain and How to Avoid It.
Wu Ta-yeh examines some of the causes of knee pain in Tai Chi Chuan and discusses how it can be avoided by adjusting the feet and using dynamic strength through the feet and legs.

Lotus-Leaf Palm of the Yang Style.
An article written by Dr. Mei Ying Sheng and translated by Ted W. Knecht describes the use of the Lotus-Leaf Palm in the Yang style and its benefits.

Can T'ai Chi Really Work as a Martial Art?
Chun Man Sit translates an essay from a Wu style book that presents in question and answer format a discussion about the capability and use of T'ai Chi as a martial art.

Tai Chi Chuan as Phantom Kung-Fu.
Bob Klein writes about his experience with wild animals and a “phantom” system of martial arts he learned from humans and animals.

The Center Principle of Tai Chi.
Dr. R. Peter Uhlmann writes about Wang Hui-jiun's center principle of Tai Chi and its importance to any style and practice.

Another Perspective of Historical Forms.
Herb Goldberg responds to Wu Ta-yeh's article in April T'AI CHI on Earlier and Later Forms of Yang Cheng-fu. He presents additional photos and drawings.

Basic Methods in Qigong Exercise.
Lao Cen writes about some of the important factors and techniques used in the practice of qigong (ch'i kung). He discusses regulating the body, mind and breath and a variety of postures.


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