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April 1993 - Table of Contents


The Tai Chi Internal Connection
Johnny Kwong Ming Lee discusses the importance of an internal connection to connect the whole body for health and self-defense.

Yang Chengfu’s Earlier and Latest Taijiquan
Wu Ta-yeh puts in perspective the earlier Yang style of Yang Chengfu and changes he made over the years as evidenced by photos and drawings of Yang and his students.

Chen Wangting and Jiang Fa
Greg Bissell presents a translation of historical material aboutChen Wangting and his comrade, Jiang Fa. Chen Wangting is credited with being the founder of Chen style Tai Chi Chuan.

An Exploration of Tai Chi Expertise
Mike Sigman takes a look at the different ideas that circulate among Tai Chi experts.

How to Focus Your Look
Thomas Staples and Alan R Ludmer discuss the importance of properly focusing your eyes when dealing with an opponent.

Qigong and Psychology
Lao Cen, writing from Beijing, discusses the use of the regulation of the mind when doing qigong to get the best results.

Attention and Performance
Charles R. Villarrubia writes about some of the effects of developing proper attention while performing Tai Chi Chuan.

Learning Bagua in Russia
Daniel E. Simonov writes about some of his experiences and insights while learning Bagua in Russia.

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