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T'AI CHI MAGAZINE February 1993

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February 1993 - Table of Contents
The Tai Chi of Tung Huling
The teaching of Tung Huling and the Tung family is described in a memorial article by Wu Ta-yeh. Tung died Nov. 29. Wu Ta-yeh studied with Tung.

A Critique of Push Hands on the Tournament Circuit
Mike Sigman, a seasoned martial artist and push hands expert, discusses the tournament scene and its problems and some possible solutions.

Getting to the Problem of Your Root
Eo Omwake discusses many aspects of establishing rootedness in Tai Chi Chuan and daily life.

Quiet Control of the Head
Sophia Delza describes the significance and techniques of maintaining the proper control of the head.

Test Indicates Tai Chi May Help in Healing
David A. Anderson, a registered nurse and Tai Chi practitioner, assisted in a test with William C. C. Chen that indicated that Tai Chi Chuan helps in increasing the oxygen in the tissues and thus aids in healing.

How to Lift the Head and Straighten the Neck
Dr. Yang Guo-jing of Shanghai writes about the importance of lifting the head and straightening the neck, not only for Tai Chi but for everyday life.

Tai Chi Medicine Helps Cancer Patient
Alan Doering tells how Tai Chi has helped him to fight against cancer.

Sidney Austin Dies
The veteran Tai Chi player died in January after a recurrence of a brain tumor.

Taoist Rejuvenation Exercises

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