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T'AI CHI MAGAZINE December 2006

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December 2006 - Table of Contents
Vol. 30, No. 6
December 2006

The Internal Work of Liuhe Bafa
Yun Yin Sen discusses the six harmonies and eight methods that make Liuhe Bafa a Taoist art system focused on health, energy and spiritual development.

William C. C. Chen on Tai Chi Breathing
A protege of Cheng Man-ch’ing, William Chen discusses a method of breathing that he has found over the years improves Tai Chi practice.

Practical Tai Chi Sword
J. Justin Meehan of St. Louis writes about the techniques of Tai Chi sword and how they compare with Western systems.

Yang Style’s Three Solo Forms
Liu Xi Wen of Nanning City, China, discusses with Vincent Chu of Brookline, MA, about the Yang style forms he learned that were transmitted by Yang Shao Hou, elder brother of Yang Cheng-fu.

Yang Style’s Finger Applications
C. M. Havens of Brooklyn, NY, writes about the finger applications he learned from Earnest Gow, also of Brooklyn, NY. Gow learned his Yang style from his father who was in the lineage of Yang Cheng-fu.

Bodhidarma’s Yi Jin Jing and Health Qigong
Zhou Lishang of Beijing, China, writes about the famous Yi Jin Jing health exercises created by Bodhidarma for the monks at Shaolin Temple. First of three parts.


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