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T'AI CHI MAGAZINE October 2006

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October 2006 - Table of Contents
Vol. 30, No. 5
October 2006

Dong Bin on “No Me” Push Hands Practice
Rose Oliver writes about Dong Bin’s insights into improving Taijiquan skills. Dong’s teachers studied with Dong Ying Jie.

Dr. Xianhao Cheng on the Ying-Yang Formula
Dr. Xianhao Cheng of Philadelphia, PA, discusses the importance of the Yin-Yang Formula that was passed on orally by Yang Cheng-fu to Jiang Yukun and Dr. Cheng’s teacher.

Yang Style Rubbing Techniques
C. M. Havens of Brooklyn, NY, writes about the art of blocking the opponent’s energy that he learned from his teacher, Sifu Earnest Gow, whose father learned from a student of Yang Cheng-fu.

Jiang Yukun on the
Six Principles of Taiji
Zhou Lishang of Beijing writes about the talks of Jiang Yukun on the physical basis for the six principles of Taiji as the basis for healthful practice of martial arts.

Greg Brodsky on the Inner Work of Tai Chi
Greg Brodsky of Santa Cruz, CA, writes about presence of mind being at the heart of Tai Chi practice, whether for health or self-defense.

Tai Chi Qigong–An Intermediate Path
Dr. Steve L. Sun writes about his method of using certain movements to help students understand the structure of Tai Chi. He incorporates qigong into his method.

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