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August 2006 - Table of Contents

Studies on Health Benefits of Tai Chi
Charlotte Jones and co-students of Cheng Jincai of Houston, TX, researched hundreds of medical research papers to find the health benefits from the practice of Tai Chi Chuan. Some of the results are included in this article.

Tian Jinmiao on Her Studies with Lei Muni and His Teaching
Davidine Siaw-Voon Sim of United Kingdom interviews Tian Jinmiao about Lei Muni’s teaching and her own progression in Chinese martial arts.
Jiang Yukun Discusses the Subtleties of Tai Chi
In this second article written by Zhou Lishang, Jiang answers more questions from his students about the art of Tai Chi and its self-defense techniques.   
Teaching Methods of T. T. Liang
Gordon Muir of Victoria, BC, Canada, writes about his experiences learning with the famous T. T. Liang and his unique teaching methods. 

Working with Three Dantians
Michael Gilman of Port Townsend, WA, writes about the three main dantians and how to use them for self-cultivation and as part of the self-defense aspects of Tai Chi. 

Knee Problems and the Tai Chi Player 
Betsey Foster of Greenwood, ME, writes about her experiences having knee problems practicing Tai Chi and what she feels can be done to prevent them. 
Liu Yao-Ting on Tai Chi
In 1979 Liu Yao-Ting, 89, wrote several articles about Tai Chi Ch’uan. Also included is his obituary when he died at 94. 

The Confucian Influence on Tai Chi History
Douglas Wile, author of T’ai Chi Touchstones and other Tai chi books, wrote this article for T’AI CHI in February 1983.

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