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T'AI CHI MAGAZINE February 2002

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February 2002 - Table of Contents

Cultivating T’ai Chi Kung Fu
Fu Sheng Yuan, son of the famous Fu Zhongwen, discusses training methods to develop higher levels of skill. 

 Duan Zhiliang on the Path to Longevity
A healer, martial artist and qigong teacher, Duan carries on his family’s many generations of teaching. He talks about longevity, martial arts, qigong and healing.

Xing Yi Bodyguards in Old China
Brian Kennedy, a Xing Yi practitioner and nine-year resident of Taiwan, writes about the colorful history of bodyguards in Old China.

Yiquan Training Exercises
Karel Koskuba of England writes again about Yiquan practice. This time he gives additional useful training methods.

The Meaning of the 5 Elements in T’ai Chi
Larry Johnson explain the importance of the Five Elements in T’ai Chi as they apply to T’ai Chi basics.

The Benefits of T’ai Chi  During Pregnancy
Sara Jane Lord, writing from Europe, tells about her experience with T’ai Chi during her pregnancy.

In a Zen Garden
Diane Hoxmeier writes about her opportunity to practice at a traditional Japanese Zen Garden.

A T’ai Chi Program  For Children
Helen I. Shwe, Ph. D., and her teacher, David Schneider, have a growing program in Hong Kong that introduces children to T’ai Chi.

A Study of Teaching And Learning Methods
David X. Swenson, Ph.D., writes about different ways to teach and learn. 

Bagua Dragon Push Hands
Chun Man Sit and Liang Qiang Ya describe this unique push hands method.

T’ai Chi’s Modern Development
Alex Yeo writes about the modern development of T’ai Chi Ch’uan. 

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