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April 2002 - Table of Contents

Three Important Teachers Die
Y. W. Chang, Jane Hallander and  B. P. Chan died in recent months. All three had an important impact on the development of martial arts in the U.S. and other Western countries.
 Lu Feng-Lin on Liu He Ba Fa
The Six Harmonies and Eight Methods system is discussed by the top student of Han Guishen. He discusses its internal principles and relationship to other internal martial arts.

Yang Style’s Applications Frame
Zhou Lishang interviews Li Lian, who learned this fighting form from Wu Tunan, who had learned it from Yang Shaohou. 
Applications for Buddha’s Warrior Pounding Posture
Wan Ming Qun describes self-defense uses for the movements in Chen style’s important Buddha’s Warrior Pounding the Mortar posture.
Yin Fu Bagua Zhang
Richard Miller interviews He Jinbao, lineage carrier of the Yin Fu system. The internal principles and techniques are discussed.

Effects of Incorrect Internal Practice
Sean Fannin writes about problems that can occur with incorrect energy practices that cause medical problems. He suggests precautions to take to avoid problems.

The Meaning of Peng Energy
Hiu Chee Fatt of Malaysia writes about some of the important nuances of the concept of Peng energy. He compares Peng with Ward-Off and explains why they are different.

Have You Lost Your T’ai Chi Way?
Thomas J. Nardi, Ph.D., writes about the challenges students often suffer remembering the sequences of the forms they recently learned. He suggests ways to get back on the path.

T’ai Chi as a Path to Forgiveness
Mark Dobson looks at T’ai Chi as a way to use the body and push hands, in particular, as a learning tool for one’s spiritual development. 

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