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June 2002 - Table of Contents

Prof. Kan Guixiang on Health Benefits and Teaching
In an interview in Southern California, Prof. Kan talks about the health benefits of T’ai Chi Ch’uan and important factors in training.

On Yang Style’s Applications Form--Part 2
Li Lian, interviewed by Zhou Lishang, outlines more details of the principles and practice of a little-known Yang style fighting form taught by Yang Shaohou.

T’ai Chi Benefits Teens with Attention Deficit Disorder
Margaret A. Ross, Ph.D., writes about her experiences teaching a group of teenagers with Attention Deficit Disorder.

Chen Style Silk Reeling Energy
Mark Wasson describes the value and methods of using silk reeling energy for health and self-defense.
The Origin and Development of Yang Style
Alex Yeo of Singapore reports on research about the Yang style and various views of its development, revealing interesting insights.

On Personal Studies with Yang Shao-zhong
Daniel K. Wong of Canada writes about his martial arts studies, including his studies with Yang Shao-zhong, the first son of Yang Cheng-Fu.

How to Keep a T’ai Chi Journal
Carol A. McFrederick tells about the value of keeping a journal and gives some useful suggestions about how to do and use it for your practice.

Students Remember  B. P. Chan’s Life and Teaching
Some students of the late B. P. Chan give insights about their low-profile but highly regarded teacher.

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