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August 2002 - Table of Contents

Zhang Zhi Jun on Teaching Methods
A disciple of Chen Zhaokui, Zhang has what he feels is a new and valuable approach to improving training.

Tu-Ky Lam on Internal Practice
Lam examines the internal and external aspects of training and methods to improve internal development.  

Principles for Practice Of Push Hands
Douglas Woolidge translates another chapter from a book by Xu Zhiyi.

Yang Applications Form–Part 3
Li Lian, interviewed by Zhou Lishang, outlines more details of the principles and practice of a little-known Yang style fighting form taught by Yang Shaohou.

Punch Bag Training
Graham Barlow of Bath, UK, writes about the benefits of punch bag training.

Paths of Strength
Flavio Daniele discusses the development of internal energy through the use of conscious attention.

3 Critical Aspects Of Openness in T’ai Chi
Rich Marantz discusses key aspects of openness that are important in training.

T’ai Chi Terms and Principles
Mark Wasson takes a look at key principles of T’ai Chi and how to understand them.

Yang Style–2
Alex Yeo of Singapore reports in this second look at the Yang style and various views of its development, revealing interesting insights.

Wang Hao Da Dies; A Gene Chen Remembrance
Wu stylist Wang Hao Da of Shanghai dies. He was a popular teacher with extraordinary skills.
A student writes about Gene Chen, an important San Francisco area Chen style teacher who died in June of last year.

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