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T'AI CHI MAGAZINE October 2002

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October 2002 - Table of Contents

T. T. Liang Dies at 102 
A close disciple of Cheng Man-ch’ing, Liang became a legend for his unique skills and approach to teaching. Don Miller and Dr. Peter DeBlasio Jr., tell of their experiences with Liang.

Dr. Wen Zee Dies at 85
With his unique English and Wu style skills, Dr. Zee was able to bring  T’ai Chi to Westerners, first through his writings and then with his personal teaching.
Steve Levinson describes his long experience with Dr. Zee, as do Sarkice Nedder, Greg McNamee and others.

Liu Xiao Ling on T’ai Chi Training
Liu Xiao Ling, whose teacher studied with Yang Cheng-fu, gives insights about various methods of training, what is realistic and what is not.

Understanding Peng Jin
C. P. Ong discusses the development and uses of peng jin and describes the importance of silk reeling energy, chan si jin, especially for the Chen style.

A Rare Xing Yi Form: 8 Forms of Tiger
Brian Kennedy in Taiwan writes about this rare form, its origins, principles and movements.

Yang Applications Form—Part 4
Li Lian gives additional information about the Yang style applications form of Yang Shaohao.
Yang Style Development—Part 3
Alex Yeo of Singapore reports in this third look at the Yang style and various views of its development, revealing interesting insights.

Dr. Paul Lam  on Traditional Teachers
He describes how traditional teachers often teach, how to deal with the negative aspects, and how to benefit from the positive aspects.

Wang Hao Da Students Remember Him
Tom Bailor and Steve Doob discuss Wu stylist Wang Hao Da of Shanghai, who died recently.

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