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August 2003 - Table of Contents

George Xu on the Essence of Martial Arts
The veteran San Francisco martial artist discusses how the skills of predators, such as the tiger, are essential to high level martial arts. 

Li Yaxuan’s Yang Style Wisdom–Part 2
The famous Yang stylist’s ideas of relaxation and skills are discussed as Zhou Lishang of Beijing interviews Chen Longxiang about his father-in-law, Li Yaxuan, who studied with Yang Chengfu and who was an important influence on T’ai Chi Ch’uan in China.

Two Red Lanterns
The life and death of famous Yang stylist Tian Zhaolin is related in an article about his apprenticeship to Yang Jianhou and his development of skills. 

Chen Xiaowang on Spiral Energy
Victoria Windholtz of Paris, France, interviews Chen stylist Chen Xiaowang about spiral energy in Chen style.

Chen Yanling on How to Practice
Alex Yeo, a regular contributor, translates from the famous Yang style book authored by Chen Yanling.

Getting All The Parts To Work Together
Mark Wasson writes about the T’ai Chi Classics’ aspects of making all parts of the body work together.

 10-Form Exercises for Longevity—Part 1
A set of qigong exercises that are a part of the secret legacy of the Huashan Mountain All-True Daoist School are taught in the first of a series. 

Cardiovascular Benefits of T’ai Chi
Soraya Lingbeek, M.D., Ph.D., who practices medicine in Australia and Germany, writes about her positive experience with the benefits of T’ai Chi.

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