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June 2003 - Table of Contents
Zhu Tian Cai on the Changes in Teaching
One of the top four Chen stylists from the Chen village, Zhu discusses teaching, past and present, and characteristics of T’ai Chi jins.

Variations in Yang Style Forms
David X Swenson, Ph.D., of Duluth, MN, discusses various methods of training that have evolved to improve students understanding and performance.

Chen Boxiang and Small Frame Chen Style 
Yan Gaofei and Carol Ann McFrederick write about small frame Chen style and their discussions with Chen Boxiang.

Li Yaxuan’s Yang Style Accomplishments
Zhou Lishang interviews Chen Longxiang about his father-in-law, Li Yaxuan, who studied with Yang Chengfu and who was an important influence on T’ai Chi Ch’uan in China.

Tu-Ky Lam on Standing Practice in T’ai Chi, Yiquan and Xingyi

Tu-Ky Lam of New Zealand writes about the importance of standing practice to develop internal strength and the different methods used by internal martial artists.

A New Perspective on Internal Martial Arts

Flavio Daniele and Tiziano Grandi, both of Italy, write on the different directions internal and external martial arts take.

Bill Z. Yang on How to Avoid Knee Injury in T’ai Chi
After he had problems with his own knees, Bill Yang studied the causes and came up with some advice that people can use to prevent having similar problems. 

The Complete (?) Yang Taijiquan System—Part 4
Alex Yeo of Singapore completes his survey about the many different forms of Yang style. Included in this article are the Dong system, Guo Lianying’s Guangping and Chen Panling’s method. 

Liuhe Qigong of the Wudang School
Considered the essence of the Wudang school of T’ai Chi Ch’uan, this qigong system is said to secure good health by stimulating qi. 
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