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April 2003 - Table of Contents

Chen Zheng Lei on Integrating Strength with T’ai Chi Pole
Chen stylist Chen Zheng Lei discusses using the long pole to develop and integrate internal energies. He also discusses internal energies, stages of T’ai Chi gongfu and T’ai Chi ethics.

Learning from the 5 Styles of T’ai Chi
Jim Sturnfield and Zhang Huan write about Zhang Lu Ping’s ideas about the five styles of T’ai Chi on the fifth anniversary of his death. 

An Examination of T’ai Chi Push Methods
Hiu Chee Fatt of Malaysia writes about the many factors involved even before a T’ai Chi push is executed.  

Basic Practices of Bagua Zhang
Daniel K. Wong of Canada writes about Bagua Zhang and how to practice some of the basics of this complex system.  

Cultivating Jing, Qi And Yi
Dr. Paul Lam, M.D., writes about three T’ai Chi essentials: jing, qi and yi. He describes what they are and how to use them to improve ones practice of T’ai Chi Ch’uan. 

Developing Jin with T’ai Chi Spear
Gerald A. Sharp, who studied in Shanghai with Ma Yueh-Liang, writes about how to practice T’ai Chi Spear and how to use it to cultivate jin, internal strength.

The Complete (?) Yang Taijiquan System—Part 3
Alex Yeo continues his series about T’ai Chi and the Yang style in particular, writing this time about the Funei style and some of the other various subsets of the Yang style.

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