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T'AI CHI MAGAZINE February 2003

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February 2003 - Table of Contents
Shi Mei Lin on Balance And a Quiet Heart

Wu stylist Shi Mei Lin, based in Wellington, New Zealand, discusses the importance of inner and outer balance. 

Taiji Sticking Staff 8 Technique Form
Zhang Yun writes about Chinese weapons in general and about the use of the staff. He describes the 8 technique form of the staff.
The Mechanical Basis Of T’ai Chi Combat

Douglas Woolidge translates a chapter of a book by Xu Zhiyi about the physics of T’ai Chi combat.

Yang Style 88 Posture Two-Man San Shou
Peter DeBlasio writes about the san shou form and shows, with photos, how the last eight postures are performed.
Penetrating the T’ai Chi Enigma

Franchie Choi and Dr. George Ho write about developmental breakthroughs to move the body in the correct way.

Learning to Pay Attention
Robert Teachout relates some of the ways that he has used to remain aware and focused while practicing T’ai Chi, as well as in the course of daily life.

 The Complete (?) Yang Taijiquan System—Part 2

Alex Yeo continues his series about T’ai Chi and the Yang style in particular, writing this time about some of the various subsets of the Yang style.

Benefits of T’ai Chi Weapons
Dr. Steve L. Sun describes some of the benefits and methods of practicing T’ai Chi weapons, including the T’ai Chi sword and Wind-Fire Wheels.
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