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T'AI CHI MAGAZINE October 2003

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October 2003 - Table of Contents
Chen Qingzhou on Energy and Rooting Skills
Chen Qingzhou discusses understanding energy and methods of developing rooting as well as zhan zhuang.
Li Yaxuan—3: Power And Emptiness
The famous Yang stylist’s ideas of power, emptiness and correct training are discussed as Zhou Lishang of Beijing interviews Chen Longxiang about his father-in-law, Li Yaxuan, who studied with Yang Chengfu.
Huang Xing Xian’s
13 Questions
This famous student of Cheng Man-ching discusses the essence of the art. He was a famous fighter and head of a large Malaysian school with affiliates in Singapore, Brunei and Italy.
He Jinbao on Bagua Turning
Richard Miller interviews He Jinbao of Beijing on principles of Yin style Bagua and important aspects of walking the circle.
T’ai Chi and Zhan Zhuang Training
Alex Yeo of Singapore writes about the value of Zhan Zhuang training for developing T’ai Chi skills and health.
Eight Doors, Five Steps In Push Hands
Gerald A. Sharp writes about important techniques involved in gaining push hands skills.
T’ai Chi Therapy for Alzheimer’s Patients
A practitioner talks about her experiences using T’ai Chi as a therapy for Alzheimer’s patients.          
10-Form Exercises for Longevity—Part 2
This second series of qigong exercises includes Flying Roc, Turtle Head Retracting and Swimming Dragon. They are part of the Huashan Mountain Daoist School legacy.
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