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June 2006 - Table of Contents

Zhang Yun on the Use and Development of Jin in Taiji–Part 2
A student of the famous Wang Peisheng, Zhang Yun in Part 2 gives more detailed descriptions of Li and developing higher levels of Jin, clarifying some common misunderstandings.                      

Liu Chang Jiang on Skeletal Posture and Muscle Function
Liu, 75, of Beijing, China, who teaches the northern Wu style, explains in plain language how to achieve the skeletal posture and muscle action required in Tai Chi. He discusses substantial and insubstantial and lower back adjustments.

 A Boxer Finds Tai Chi Improves His Skills
Daniel Rauch tells how his Tai Chi lessons with George Xu helped him to relax and shift his awareness so his boxing skills improved. An unexpected benefit was his change in temperament.                           
Notes of Jiang Yukun
Zhou Lishang of Beijing writes about a former teacher and his teaching. Jiang was an important teacher who compiled notes that he used to teach in a Beijing park.
How to Use the Waist
Zhang Huaijun and Wang Xuechen of Jinan, Shandong Province, China, describe in detail the functions of the waist and how they affect the use of the whole body.

Zhan Zhuang: The Art of Getting Fit
Victoria Windholtz of Paris, France, describes useful exercises that can be used by the infirm or the healthy to improve their energy levels.

William C.C. Chen on Training for Fighting
William C. C. Chen of New York City, was interviewed in 1988 about training for fighting. This vintage T’AI CHI article is reprinted. 

To Teach is to Love and Learn
A prominent East Coast teacher who wished to be anonymous, wrote this insigthtful article for the June 1982 issue of  T'AI CHI.

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