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April 2006 - Table of Contents

Zhang Yun on the Use and Development of Jin in Taiji
A student of the famous Wang Peisheng, Zhang Yun gives a detailed description of Li and Jin, what they are and what they are not within the framework of external and internal martial arts.  

Prof. Cao Yimin on The Two Brains and Taijiquan
A researcher at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Prof. Cao discusses the relationship between the brain in the head and the one said to be in the abdomen.
Learning from Multiple Teachers, Generations
Tanya Avner gives her insights about the adjustments necessary when studying with multiple teachers and also problems and opportunities of teaching different generations.  

The Revival of Wudang Taiyi Wuxing Boxing
Zhou Lishang continues her interview with Yang Qunli about characteristics of the Wudang Taiyi Wuxing Boxing, which has been re-established with his help.
Vincent Chu on Relaxation and Tension
Vincent Chu re-examines the relationship of relaxation and tension as they are developed and used for self-defense.
Cheng Jin Cai on Three Levels of Push Hands
He gives insights about the way push hands develops over time with serious practice.
Tong Bei Quan
Rose Oliver interviews Wu Mao Gui of Shanghai about this fundamental Chinese martial art with similarities to Tai Chi basics. 
Basics Re-Examined
Joe Weinmeister takes a fresh look at some of the basic principles of practice.

Xu and Shi Explained
Rick Barrett gives his insights about substantial and insubstantial, two fundamentals of Tai Chi Chuan practice.

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