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T'AI CHI MAGAZINE February 2006

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February 2006 - Table of Contents
Cheng Jincai on The 8 Basic Methods of Chen Style
Based in Houston, TX, and trained in the Chen village in China, he writes about the basic principles of the Chen style and their applications. The article gives insights about basic techniques of Tai Chi Chuan that are fundamental to all styles.

The Revival of Wudang Taiyi Wuxing Boxing
Zhou Lishang, a writer and a martial artist in Beijing, interviews Yang Qunli, a successor to this Taoist boxing method created hundreds of years ago on Wudang Mountain, China. It is related to Tai Chi Chuan and was almost lost. In the first of two parts, he discusses the history and principles of the art.

Dong Ying Jie’s Words of Experience
Alex Dong, great-grandson of Dong Ying Jie, a famous Yang stylist who studied with Yang Chengfu for 17 years, translates some of his writings. There is a discussion of 20 key points of practice that give some new insights to practice.

Chen Old Frame Vs. New Frame

David Gaffney of Manchester, UK, interviews Chen Xiaoxing, younger brother of Chen Xiaowang and principal instructor at the Chen village, about the similarities and differences of the two important Chen routines.

Deciphering Ancient Teachings
Flavio Daniele of Bologna, Italy, writes about the difficulties understanding the Tai Chi oral teachings and the need for practice and intuition to get to the real meanings of core principles.

What Makes Tai Chi Movement
Caroline Demoise Chapel Hill, NC, discusses some of the ways that students can deepen and refine their awareness and understanding of the more internal aspects of Tai Chi.

Wang Jurong 1928-2005
Wang Juron of Houston, TX, a high-level martial artist from Shanghai who has taught in this country since 1989, died Dec. 25. Friends and students write about her career and teaching.
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