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T'AI CHI MAGAZINE December 2005

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December 2005 - Table of Contents

Cao Yimin on Cultural Aspects of T’ai Chi Globalization
Prof. Cao Yimin of Beijing writes in depth about the philosophical foundations of China’s culture and how the development of it can influence the growth of T’ai Chi around the world. He discusses Confucianism and Taoism and the Yin/Yang interactions in T’ai Chi and daily life and the integration of nature and man.

The Yin and Yang Of Qigong
Chun Man Sit with Mike Ferrari explore the inner dynamics of the nervous system and how it is affected by qigong. They discuss qi theory and how Yin and Yang can modify the nervous system. There is a discussion of the autonomic nervous system as well as the sympathetic and parasympathetic and how they interact with calmness and stress. They also look into their interaction in physical exercise.

Yang Zhenduo Honored On his 80th Birthday

Bill Walsh reports about a celebration in Taiyuan, China, honoring Yang Zhenduo, son of Yang Cheng-fu, on his 80th birthday. Many thousands of persons participated, including over 200 Western Yang style members. Yang talks about learning T’ai Chi Ch’uan at an early age and about his Shanghai performance in the 1960s. In a Q & A session, Yang tells about his continuing development.

A Last Interview With Sun Jianyun

Ping Zhen Cheng writes about the hard life and generous spirit of the Sun style lineage holder, Sun Jianyun. During a visit to Beijing a year before Sun died, he was able to interview about her life and teaching, seeking to continue the work of her famous father, Sun Lutang.

Yang Tian Gui On “Cotton Fist”
Rose Oliver interviews in Shanghai Yang Tian Gui, China’s representative of the Yang Family Mian Quan System. The system is based on many of the same principles related to internal systems. It is “soft or unbroken boxing style.” He describes self-defense techniques and how they are applied.

Maintaining Beginner’s Mind
Mary M. Foster of Denver, CO, discusses the importance of maintaining a beginner’s mind as a real beginner or advanced practitioner. She finds that it is often a problem that beginners will come to a class thinking they know a lot and this is an obstacle to their learning. This problem even occurs with advanced students.

Standing Like a Tree
Victoria Windholtz of, Paris, France, writes about the practice of zhan zhuang, its importance and principles, including how to deal with the body and mind. She discusses dealing with emotions in zhan zhuang and its value as a healing technique.

Reggie Jackson Dies
Ron Caruso reports on the death of Reggie Jackson, who taught for many years in the New Haven, CT, area. Jackson was 79. He was also a photographer and musician and studied T'ai Chi Ch'uan with DA Liu and B. P. Chan in New York City.

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