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T'AI CHI MAGAZINE December 2004

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December 2004 - Table of Contents

Theory and Practice Of Dadao Taijiquan
Huang Zhenhuan of Beijing discusses Taijiquan and his Dadao method. He has studied with Tian Zhaolin, Wu Tunan and Shi Ming and has practiced since 1947. He gives insights into some of the subtler aspects of Taiji principles. 

Understanding Scientific Dynamics Of Practice
Junfeng Qu and Todd McGown of Athens, GA, write about Hong Junsheng’s scientific methods of practice for effective form and self-defense. They describe some of the physics of movement that they learned from Chen Zhonghua (Joseph Chen).

Wang Peisheng’s Martial Art Journey—2
Zhang Yun continues his story of the late Wang Peisheng’s life as a martial artist. This continues the story of his youth and life as a martial arts master, including his unfortunate imprisonment.  

The Development of Li Style Taijiquan
Zhou Lishang of Beijing interviews Ma Jinlong, successor of the Li style, which was developed from Yang style. Ma discusses the interesting history and principles of the Li style.

Push Hands for Tournaments and Combat
This is an excerpt from Al-Waalee Muhammad’s upcoming book, “Push Hands–The Tao of Tai-Chi Fighting.”

T’ai Chi as a Path To Rehabilitation
Carol Croskery writes about her experience with T’ai Chi and how she is using it to rehabilitate a painful back condition.

Taiji Philosophy Examined
Chen Zhankui of Beijing writes about the subtleties of the Taiji symbol and the philosophies that have developed around the concepts of Wuji and Taiji.

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